From Dilijan International School
2019-09-12 12:45
5 Years of Investing in Education
Dilijan International School has started a new academic year. The school has opened its doors to 117 new students. There are now 226 students from over 80 countries.

The teaching staff is also staffed with new specialists; There are now 36 teachers from 15 countries.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Dilijan International School. Since its opening in 2014, this educational institution has expanded and strengthened alongside modern Armenia. Over the past five years, the school has transformed from a mysterious construction site into an integral part of the city, a member of the UWC movement, an important player in the development and internationalization of Armenia and the region. And the hospitable Dilijan people are welcoming foreigners into their busy city, helping to make school staff and students feel at home.

With the support of many people and organizations, the school has the following achievements:
• 388 graduates from 105 countries
• 6 teachers from 15 countries
• 45 extracurricular social projects;
• 500+ sponsors
• $ 26 million scholarship
• 60 returning graduates
• 3,000 local children participating in extracurricular projects and activities

2019-2020? During the whole academic year, various events dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the school will be held, during which the institution will present to the public its already achieved achievements and the vision of further development and empowerment.

Our goal is to support students' personal growth by supporting education through the development of the local community and the creation of a more peaceful, just and secure environment. Dilijan International School will continue to focus on maintaining a world-class education and diversity of students.

“One of the major challenges of Dilijan International School has been to match the reality of the country hosting the overall mission of the school and to become a 'unifying force' within the school and UWC movement. It seems to me that quite a lot of work has been done in this direction. The impact of Dilijan School-based education will enable to reinforce mutual responsibility, intercultural understanding and sustainability,” - says school principal Gabriel Abad Fernandez.