By Mariam Hovuni
2019-11-18 23:04
Gor Kirakosyan: “I Look at Life in Another Way”
Director Gor Kirakosyan, who has previously directed the hit films "Big Story in a Small Town", "Lost in Armenia" and "Walking Horse", just months before filmed "Honest Thieves". talked to the young director this time.

- Well, all your films are successful and popular. What is the key to that success?
- Actually, I have to admit, I don't have a secret key as such, but I have two things that help me. First, I make a film that I want to watch, and second, I always put soul in the films so that when people watch the movie, understand that it is not empty, it has a soul.

- In all films you aim to entertain people, isn't it difficult ...?

- There is an old saying; It is easier to die than to do comedy. Indeed, it is difficult to do something that will cause mass laughter. I think my character helps me, I love humor myself and I have much humor. Life is not serious for me. I look at life from a crooked angle.

- What inspired you?
- A lot of things - a good movie, a good book or just about anyone who will tell a funny story in his life." In other words, there is no obvious phenomenon or place that inspires me.

- Has Gor ever been so angry that he left the site and canceled the film or filming?
- There was no such thing, and I think that kind of behavior is wrong, because every single shooting day is associated with a lot of money, it was when they were angry, but it all ended because the anger and the dispute contained bad energy. By the way, I have to admit that I almost always work with people who speak the same language in the same public square as I do, and if there are disputes, then I don't work with that person after the project.

- What makes you most angry at the shooting scene?
- It is the weather because it does not have a management system. There were times when we waited for hours in the sun.

- "Honest Thieves" is already on the screens, what reaction have you heard?

- In connection with the film, I can say that people loved and liked it. I get a lot of messages saying they watched it a second time. The purpose of the film is to make me happy. It's a popcorn movie. There have also been times when I have heard opinions that previous films are better, and this is understandable, because this film is my new baby, who is making new moves.

- What can we expect from Gor Kirakosyan in future?

- I have several projects in the future. As I mentioned, it's a fairy-tale movie. I also have three different thoughts, each of which is at a different stage. I don't want to stay in the comedy genre. I would like and would be happy to make films in other genres as well.