By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-11-20 12:05
Gavar also Hosted the Experts
Gavar is also one of the 5 cities that have applied for the competition RA Youth Capital 2020, announced by the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.

The Competition Organizing Committee and experts visited Gavar on November 19. The latter was accompanied by Grigor Dashtoyan, Chairman of Geghareg Educational and Cultural NGO, member of Gavar Community Council.

The first experts were hosted by Gegharkunik governor Gnel Sanosyan. As governor, Sanosyan attaches importance to the role of youth in community and regional development processes, and will soon pursue an active policy of increasing youth engagement.

Next, at the lobby of the State Dramatic Theater after Levon Kalantar, experts were introduced to the work of 12 organizations and individual youth in connection with their work.

The guests were also welcomed by the Prelate of the Gegharkunik Diocese, His Grace Bishop Partev Barseghyan, who emphasized the importance of youth involvement in spiritual and cultural life, and active steps will be taken in this direction.

Experts were presented with the presentation format “RA 2020” application for the Youth Capital Competition.

Asked why Gavar should become the youth capital of 2020, Grigor Dashtoyan noted that youth initiatives are expanding in Gavar, and youth involvement in various fields is reaching unprecedented levels. In addition, the role of youth in the city's social, political, and cultural processes is important in Gavar.

The students of Gavar State University presented the activities of the Student Council, their participation in various international programs, the successes they achieved while studying abroad, the experience and knowledge gained. Students from Gavar Medical College presented the process of the current career center and its professional orientation.

Gavar also makes a serious bid for leading IT specialists. In particular, Lusin Technologies Information Technology Development Foundation is actively involved in the field development.

Gavar Youth Civic Center, for its part, is involved in monitoring: community budget oversight, transparency, youth engagement.

If you want Gavar to become the youth capital of 2020, then actively vote by November 25 by sending an EMGA SMS to 1041. The cost of 1 SMS is 50 AMD.