By Mariam Hovuni
2019-11-20 16:41
Sate Khachatryan: "I Love the Light of This Performance"
In the previous season, the cast of Hamazkayin Theater presented to the public the "Truth" written and highly successful by Florian Feller in 2011, which has already touched upon.

Just a month ago it was a premiere again in the theater. This time again by Florian Feller's works "False". Both plays were written for the famous French actor Pierre Arditi. In both, the heroes bear the same names. Paul, Alice, Michelle and Laurence are husbands and close friends. But if Feller first tries to portray the impossibility of the truth, in the second, the lie becomes a bait to tell the truth, which is impossible to avoid. Pierre, who commends the lie and emphasizes its importance with all responsibility, quickly apologizes for both the lie and the truth. And there is a philosophical question that hangs in the air; can you tell the truth to your own wife; The cast includes Narine Grigoryan, David Hakobyan, Maria Seyranyan, Sergey Tovmasyan and the director is Sate Khachatryan.

After another presentation, we talked to Sate Khachatryan, trying to understand how topical the issues in the play were, and asked the director other questions;

"The performance touches the soul of the audience"
What is most interesting to me is that the audience's soul is touched by this performance, no matter how much they laugh at it, there are questions in the subconscious, the audience sees itself in the situation, the game, the episodes, etc.

"The human being always wants to know the truth"
The issues raised are timely and timely. The human being is always eager to know the truth, but the charm of this play is that the author is in a very unique way asking how far one is willing to tell the truth and to what extent. Is it worth telling the truth, and how much the other person is willing to know and hear the truth? In the play, the author asks an interesting question: "Man, are you willing to know the truth, are you ready to hear it, and how ready are you as a human being to tell the truth?" There are some interesting details. human relationships are more concentrated and clearly expressed in male-female relationships.

"The audience lived with the actors"
I only heard positive feedback, hopefully they were sincere, I saw the audience live with the actors, and sometimes even loudly. I'm glad people loved the show, I haven't heard bad reviews yet, but I'm ready to hear;

"I Love the Light of This Performance"

I like the light of this show because the dancers are bright Narine Grigoryan and David Hakobyan are playing a masterful game, with 70% of the performances on their shoulders. As a filmmaker I have had no difficulty, they have had the experience of earning their fame as actors and have listened attentively and fulfilled all the tasks given me as a director.