By Mariam Hovuni
2019-12-07 23:05
Khan Academy. Education Without Borders
If you would like to study but do not have possibilities to pay for it for example or just do not have time to visit any educational institution then this material is for you, as this time we have discussed the alternative academy "Khan" and talked with the head of the Armenian office of the Academy Gayane Aramyan.

- What is the Khan Academy?

Khan Academy offers exercises, video tutorials and an individual learning platform where the learner plans his / her own learning and has the motto: "Provide free, world-class education for all and everywhere". The QA Academy online platform is free and accessible to everyone, regardless of social, social opportunities and location.

With the help of the platform, students, parents and teachers, as well as self-educators in general, can access one of the world's leading educational resources free of charge and receive 21st-century Armenian-language education. We believe that online education solutions will enable Armenian learners to become acquainted with the best international education experience and become part of the global education movement.

Our team has already created over 2800 Armenian videos on YouTube and 12,000 Armenian exercises and articles.

-When was it founded who are the creators?

The Khan Academy was founded in 2006 by Salman Khan. The materials of the Can Academy have been localized in Armenian by the AYB Educational Foundation in 2017.

-This version of alternative education is accepted worldwide, wondering what the reaction of the Armenian community is.

From the very first day of launching the QA Academy program, the response from the Armenian community has been very positive and inspiring. We are constantly receiving various positive comments about platform materials. There are really few online quality Armenian-language materials available on the Internet, and we believe that the Khan Academy curriculum can be helpful to many. One should simply try to inform as many people as possible that there is such a possibility.

The following sections are available in Armenian language at Khan Academy:


From elementary to higher mathematics

Computer science and programming

Computer skills, Internet, programming languages


Art history, especially music

Familiarity with classical music, instruments, sculpture, photography and architecture

Finance and capital market

Videos about finance and capital market


Interview with successful entrepreneurs around the world and share their experiences


An introduction to combined education and its different models

Natural Sciences

Basics of Chemistry


English Grammar

- Is it a result of teamwork?

All of these videos, articles, and exercises are the result of great teamwork, and the key to our success is teamwork. It is noteworthy that our team is very young and many of them are volunteering to help them get a rich education in the Armenian language.

- I think many people will be interested in learning how to become a student at Can Academy.

 The academy is an open, online platform. Everything is very simple. you just need to visit, sign up and start studying with Khan.

- And about the reactions. Already received any remarks or suggestions?

We get a lot of feedback on the site and on YouTube page. We especially love sincere comments on YouTube by our users: in fact, we encourage everyone to give their honest opinion as we can make the quality and delivery of the material more relevant and accessible to learners and teachers. The main comments that inspire us a lot about the usefulness of the material are also the need to add new sections to the platform.

We hope that more and more people with Khan will receive high quality education, find the necessary materials, and become one of the 60 million people worldwide using this platform. this is education without borders.