By Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-12-24 23:31
“To Succeed, We Must First Become an Internal Revolutionary.” Daranzh
In the modern literary arena, Daranzh is a new character and has yet to be discovered. presents readers with an interview with the young writer, also presenting his first novel.

Angela Darbinyan was born in Moscow. Graduated from YSU Faculty of International Relations. He started to write during the academic years. Correspondent for the "Gretter" literary youth newspaper. Readers are introduced to the literary name of Daranzh.

Most recently her novel “The Internal Revolutionary NulluS” was presented to readers. Through the mysterious plot of the book, the author shows the reader what chaos can turn into a revolutionary reality as a result of wrong approaches. Questions arise from these challenges, the cornerstone of which is: will people's “sleeping” consciousness awaken, opening new doors to their revolutionary spirit? Daranzh confesses that his favorite author, Dostoevsky, had a great influence on his literary activity, in particular the novel “The Internal Revolution: Nullus."