Content by Narine Galstyan
Photo from Med
2020-06-23 15:24
You can have a well-paid job, you can be respected and be considered a promising specialist, and still, one day you can see clearly that you have another dream, you realize you work to live whereas it was supposed to be the other way around.

And if your dream continues calling for you, you won’t hesitate, you won’t resist, you will simply follow your dream. This is what Samvel Machanyan did, an exceptional IT specialist working in the banking sector. He followed it and he succeeded. Today in our country Machanyan brothers are associated with the “Alluria” winery producing unique wine in Etchmiadzin.


“Why wine? Why “Alluria”? Firstly, we would like to get the answers to these questions from Samvel Machanyan.


“Ayluria, a mountain river flowing into lake Van, is located on the riverbank of village Aylur where my great grandparents used to live. They lived there, grew grapes and made wine. In fact, Machanyans were the only winemakers in that region. And wine was my dream too. We planted our vineyards in the hills near Sardarapat in 2013. My brothers and I visited Aylur, a village currently inhabited by kurds, in 2017. Now uncultivated, our vineyard is still standing there, for more than 150 years, not far from the village. We brought back vines and in our vineyards we now have a dedicated area for the vines grown by our great grandparents. The winemaking traditions of our family continue, and our wine carries the name of the river gurgling near our grandparents’ vineyards.”


“They say your decision to switch jobs was not accepted unanimously.”


“Yes, I won’t deny it - I got called “insane”, and later one of my friends named me “a crazy winemaker”. Maybe what I did was somewhat crazy, but I was no longer happy with the work I had been doing. I wanted to live without worrying about deadlines and assignments hard to accomplish. I wanted to turn my hobby into a job with income for me. I made the decisive step, acknowledging all the possible risks, concerned about failure and not being understood or welcomed, picturing financial hardship, the responsibility I had towards my family.”


“Can you say that the worries and difficulties are left behind now?”


“The financial difficulties are not yet fully defeated, but my family surrounded me with love and solidarity. I work day and night, on weekends too, but I am also free. I have a chance to connect with nature as much as I wish, to spend time with my family, I am at peace internally, our product is welcomed. I feel tremendous satisfaction when I look at the eyes of the people drinking the wine made by my brothers and me and I see them liking the wine.”


“What was the biggest challenge of the new job?”


“The job was not new in fact. Not only my grandparents were winemakers, but my father also used to make wine for our family and his friends every autumn, and we were his assistants. He gave his blessing to my brothers and me to launch this job. And when dad liked the wine we made, we realized that we can enter the market. The biggest challenge is being personally responsible for every single thing.

We do not follow textbooks to make the wine. We learn the nuances of the specialty in practice, by carrying out many experiments. Our wine is a unique drink, it is natural, without additives. It ferments with its own yeast. Our philosophy is to maintain the family tradition of making natural wine which brings along multiple challenges: the wine can go bad very fast. You face the danger of losing your creation at every step which is very hard psychologically.”


“What is wine to you?”


“Wine is a sensitive drink, it is also sensible, extensive, it carries the energy which my brothers and I transfer throughout the process of making it. People receive that energy and pass to others. We aim to deliver those feelings, that energy in the right way, we want to transfer them to the right person. Our wines are sold only in specialized stores and wine restaurants.”


“What did winemaking become to you?”

“It turned into an expansive opportunity of making a new work and to be able to create. Land is powerful, if you work with the land correctly, you will see that you have abundant possibilities, and that notion continuously gives you new energy. I am hopeful that we will become a company with profit, managed professionally, and we will have about 20 workplaces. Inspired by this, we will bring to life other projects related to winemaking, we will be even more proud to present ourselves to the public as creators of one of the best products made in Armenia. We will once again prove with our work that you can get profit by working on the land in Armenia in an educated way.”


“What will you recommend to the young people who can be in the position you once were - to feel at some point that they are not doing the job they are supposed to do?”


“I’ll say - you must follow your dream!”


Translated and edited by Anush Muradyan