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2020-09-24 18:00
"As the catwalk goes through two rows, so the Atex Fashion Center was established in 1991 between two Armenias, the Soviet and independent Armenia." Then, already during the years of independence, "Atex" gradually began to engage in all branches of fashion.

The director of the center, Karine Dnoyan, says that back in the Soviet Union, Armenia had a well-developed light industry, and Armenian shoes were often sold in various parts of the former Soviet Union instead of Italian ones.

"I am very glad that a lot of attention is paid to Armenian production now, it is true, it should have been done a long time ago. For the fashion industry to grow, it is a very big chain. We have the beginning of that chain - designers, who, thank God, already exist, there are interesting young people. We have several productions. It is in the middle, but we have neither the middle nor the end of that chain. "Because industry is really a very long chain. If there is no connection, there is no chain."

During his 20 years of activity, designer Aram Nikolyan has managed to become one of the creators and developers of fashion in Armenia. According to him, the coronavirus epidemic had a negative impact on fashion, but it also had a positive side.

"If we bring examples before and after, it was very stormy before, and even, in my opinion, it had reached the boiling point where it was already quite difficult to achieve fashion. Because the so-called fast fashion, the brands that worked in that direction, they were developing so fast and importing it so fast that high fashion had gone a little behind the scenes. And I think now, after all this, everything will fall into place and every direction will develop in proportion. "

In 2016, 5 young Armenian designers united and opened the "5 Concepts" store in Yerevan, which gave many young, talented Armenian designers the opportunity to present their collections, and those interested in fashion to see, recognize and touch Armenian products. Irina Vanyan, art director of "5 Concept" store, says that Armenian designer clothes are fashionable, different, and most importantly, quality.

"Of course, it is fashionable now to wear designer clothes in our time. And not abroad, but yours, Armenian. And we say with great honor that this is made in Armenia, "Made in Armenia" should be known to everyone. Many times they try to ask us why Armenian products are in a slightly higher segment. Because it is made by designers, it is a little different from the mass market. ”

Armenia will also take part in the London Fashion Week in September this year. 13 original Armenian designers will present their collections in one of the world fashion centers, but will present them online. Designer Vahan Khachatryan is a member of the organizing group. He says online fashion week, despite its downsides, can also create new opportunities.

"All the designers have shot videos, each with his own idea of ​​how he wants to present the clothes, the brand. There is a special clock at which time the designer's video will appear online. The first complication, especially when it comes to clothes, is that people want to touch and try what they have to buy. That is, we are deprived of that opportunity at the moment. And very often designers who work with expensive pieces have quality sewing - it is visible only if you look closely at the clothes, in the video version or in the photo version are deprived of that opportunity. But it allows you to think of new things. I'm not saying this is a better option, but it is an incentive to think of something new, maybe in the future there will be a mix of the two. "

The online catwalk, which will pass through the "London" of Armenia, will give a new breath to the Armenian fashion, will make it more recognizable in the world. Before that, designer Gayane Manukyan presented a new collection of "Just Black" fashion house entitled "After all" through a small performance.

"Performance with only 10 models who introduced the new concept of" Just Black "under the name" After all ". "After all", which means after all this. The concept is that after all this life is still going on, "After all life is going on." And so, the new collection that we have to present under this concept will be about more comfortable, more wearable clothes. The new collection will be just like that. ”

Armenian fashion, which has been making strides with newly independent Armenia for 29 years, has its own unique color today. Although it is not yet recognized in the world of fashion, several Armenian designers have been exhibited abroad, and Armenia has regularly hosted exhibitions to which world-renowned celebrities have been invited. names: Today, Armenian fashion, though small, is advancing in new colors. He walks in spite of financial, health and other difficulties, he walks confidently and ambitiously that in the economy of independent Armenia it will become an industrially developed sphere, and it will be known in the world market with its unique handwriting.